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Baptism Service THIS SUNDAY at 2:00 PM!

This Sunday, September 27th at 2:00 PM, we will be holding what will most likely be our final outdoor baptism of 2020! The baptism will take place in the gorgeous 7 acre pond at Blue Sky Ranch on the corner of 87th Street South and Hydraulic. (Location is provided in the DIRECTIONS link)


For those of you who are being baptized, PLEASE FILL OUT THE ATTACHED FORM. Concerning the experience you can expect on Sunday, the waters are clear and there is a large sand beach with a very easy entrance into the waters. The waters are still pretty warm from the summer. Please bring your own towel and a change of clothing (if you want to change before leaving). There will be a place to change if you prefer. Each person being baptized will be asked to state their name and declare their faith in Christ. A simple "my name is _____________ and I believe in Jesus" is more than sufficient. However, if someone would like to briefly share their testimony or explain more about why they desire to be baptized, we encourage them to do so!


For those of you coming to join us in the celebration, the service should not take much more than 5-10 minutes and there is plenty of room on the beach to stand and get a good view (and pictures) of the service. You're welcome to bring a chair if you like. If you're bringing a gift for someone who is being baptized you can just give it to them directly (we won't have a table or anything set up for cards or gifts)


We are so excited about this! What a great and positive thing to be a part of in these crazy times. We hope you can join us!


Please feel free to call our office if you have any questions.