What to EXPECT from

The Well Worship Center

Live Sunday morning message each week at 10:15AM

House church is encouraged on Sunday mornings in groups of 10 or less.

Pastors & deacons will be available for contact, home visits, prayer and other ministry needs of the congregation.

Join us Wednesday nights for our brand new "Testimony Series"


Each Sunday we will broadcast Pastor's message at 10:15am.

We encourage house church on Sundays in groups of 10 of less.  Our recommendation is that each family (or small group of 10) gathers early enough to sing a few songs of worship before the live broadcast. Watch the broadcast together beginning at 10:15am then discuss the life application questions at the conclusion of the message.  Sermon notes and discussion questions will be posted in our church app as usual.

To host a home group or to sign up to join a home group please click HERE and fill out the Home Group Sign-up form.


Join us Wednesday nights for the testimony series.  We will be sharing a series of testimonies from members of our congregation.  If you would like to share your story with the world please let us know.  You can volunteer to be a part of this by simply using the link below.

In addition to our Wednesday and Sunday broadcasts, you can expect several impromptu messages, worship sessions and encouraging devotions from our leadership.  We hope to have several of these impromptu posts and live videos though out the week.




Contact Information

We can be contacted by phone or text at:



Email: admin@thewellwc.church

Our app will be the main resource for the receiving information, requesting help, finding contact info for our pastors & deacons and more.  Our app can be found in any app store by simply searching for THE WELL WORSHIP CENTER.

Contacting your

Pastors and Deacons

Our Pastors and Deacons are available for phone calls, texts, emails, home visits, prayer and other ministry needs.  It is important to us that  our congregation know we are accessible and here to help in any way possible. Email anyone below by simply clicking on the name of the person you're wanting to contact. 

Joplin & Andrea Emberson

Chris & Brittany Hernandez

Branson & Hannah Sears

Jason & Jenny Garrarway

Kevin & Kelly Wilks

Troy Capps

Doug & Kaitlin Garton

For phone and text information you will need to use the church app from your tablet or smart phone. 

Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer - Romans 12:12

Help for the elderly and those with critical needs.  We are here to help.  Please let us know what you needs are and we will do everything within our power to help meet those needs.  Contact our our church office with request using the numbers and email posted above.