Est. 2006

Heaven's Hands

About Heaven's Hands


Heaven's Hands is an outreach of hope to the community of Derby and the surrounding area.  We provide food and common household items to families in need year round through our on-site food pantry located at the church.   For families that qualify we also provide assistance with gasoline cards, rent, utilities, and other living expense bills.  During the Holiday seasons we provide assistance relative to the holidays.  During Thanksgiving we provide full Thanksgiving dinners for families that would not otherwise be able to provide a dinner for their family on Thanksgiving Day.   During the Christmas season we provide gifts to children in families that are unable to provide much, if anything, for Christmas. In 2013 we provided nearly 300 gifts to several different families in the Derby, and South Wichita communities.


Can We Help YOU?


If there is any way that we can serve you we want to know.  There is no gaurantee that we can meet any specific need because often our resources are limited.  However, you do have our gaurantee that we will do everything we can to help you if you are in real need of assistance.  It is the reason we exist.


To request assistance simply fill out the Heaven's Hands Support Form.  All instructions, including contact information are on the form.  Contact our church office to schedule a time to come in and fill out your form.


Can YOU Help Us?


There has never been a time when we had more resources than there were needs.   Would you consider supporting this ministry by providing non-perishable food items for our food pantry?  Can you give a financial gift to help us provide other forms of assistance to families who qualify for them?  Can you support this ministry with a financial gift during the holiday seasons?  No gift is too small, and we are committed to handling your funds with with honesty and integrity.  There is ZERO paid staff, and no overhead costs (our church pays for all of these expenses).  This means that 100% of your gift, every last dime of it, will go directly to helping families in their time of need.  Use the give tab at the top of any page and  select the Heaven's Hand Fund when you give your gift.