Honduras Missions

In July of 2017, Pastor Joplin and Andrea traveled to Honduras to meet the Sowers family and learn about their ministry, Manna For Limpera.  A few days into their trip they journeyed into the mountains where they were introduced to a group of Christians in the small community of Quelacasque.  There, they met Pastor Margarito who pastors the only Christian church in that area in walking distance for the people of that community.  Joplin and Andrea were both deeply moved by the ministry taking place in the Quelacasque church.  Without any of the modern day conveniences that we have here in America, these people were still full of joy; and they were building a church to reach a community with very little resources.  Since that day, The Well Worship Center has committed to supporting the church in Quelacasque to provide the help, resources, and support they need to continue reaching their village with the gospel.  

Pictured above:  One of our team members on our July, 2017 mission trip giving some candy to a little boy at one of the villages we visited.

Pictured above:  A home we took extra food to in order help the family of one of the children sponsored by one of our church members.  Our child sponsorship program really does have the opportunity to impact entire families.

Want to help?  Here's how.

1. Child Sponsorship

Sponsoring one of the children of the Quelacasque village is the number one way you can help the church grow.  Why?  Because child sponsorship connects families to the church.  Weekly each sponsored kid gets fed at the church.  Here they attend a bible school very similar to the American Wednesday night children's ministry of most churches.  In addition, sponsorship provides the necessary supplies for each child to attend the Honduras school system, and medicine for de-worming children who need it. 


Fifteen dollars each month does all of this for one child:

  • Feeds them a healthy, vitamin enriched meal, once a week (sometimes twice weekly)

  • Enrolls them into the churches bible program for children.

  • Provides the physical resources that are mandatory for a child to enroll in the Honduras school system.

  • Provides medicine for de-worming 

  • Connects families of the community to the church as their children attend the sponsorship program at the church.

2. Help us serve in Honduras

Join us on one of our annual trips to Honduras.  There are several opportunities for ministry in the community.  

  • Building & Construction

  • Helping serve food at the weekly program

  • Possibly teaching/preaching

  • Delivering gifts,letters, etc. to the sponsored kids from their sponsors

  • Meet your own sponsored child

  • Encourage the workers of the church

3. Financial Support

Give a donation of any amount.  We have zero operational costs that we take from your gift.  100% of your donations to our Honduras ministry will go to helping the church of Quelacasque reach the people of their mountain community with the gospel.  When we have extra funds donated that go above and beyond the needs of our church, we will route them to be used in other indigenous mountain communities with churches who run similar child-driven programs. 

Pictured above:  Some of the girls from our Quelacasque church program singing songs during one of their classes.