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Joplin & Andrea Emberson

Joplin is our lead pastor.   Joplin and Andrea started The Well in May of 2006.   Since that time the church has continued to grow every year.  Hundreds of souls have been saved, broken homes have been restored, and lives have been transformed.  Joplin and Andrea, who were both born and raised in the Wichita KS vacinity (Clearwater), feel incredibly blessed that God has called them into ministry in the very area their heritage comes from.

Fun facts:

  • Joplin has had the privilege of sharing his testimony in over half the states that make up the continental USA.

  • Joplin coaches youth soccer and youth wrestling

  • Andrea has been to Haiti twice and has a sincere heart to minister to the orphans of Haiti.

  • Andrea loves bright colors, and pretty much everything that is fun.

  • Andrea's dream job as a child was to become the Tinkerbell that flies across the Cinderella Castle at Disney World.   

Est. 2006

Chris & Brittany Hernandez

Chris is our worship leader.  Chris and Brittany have formed an incredible worship team that lead us every service in our congregational worship.  Chris is a talented musician, singer, and song-writer.  He has written several of the songs that we sing.


Fun facts:

  • Chris was born and raised in Long Island, NY.

  • Chris came to Kansas on a soccer scholarship to Central Christian College where he would meet his future wife, Brittany.

  • Chris has 7 sisters and 2 brothers.

  • Brittany is a four-time veteran of Disney World.  Her top two favorite rides are The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan.

  • Brittany loves spaghetti and anything chocolate.

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Jake Sizemore

Jake is our youth pastor.  Jake is a pastor's kid. His dad is the lead pastor of The River in Clearwater, KS. He grew up moving a lot and has a multi-denominational background. He has a B.A. in Humanities from L.R. Scarborough College in Ft. Worth. Jake was a youth ministry intern for Church at the Crossing in Aledo, TX and then served as a missionary in Nagoya, Japan.

  • Jake can speak Japanese.

  • Jake got saved in a dog house (seriously).

  • Jake loves to run and swim.

  • Jake have lived in 5 different states and 3 countries.

  • Jake LOVES Super Smash Bros. (He likes all of them, but Melee is his favorite)

Children's Ministry Team

Kim Bailey is the Co-director of our Sunday morning kids program.  Kim and her husband make have attended The Well for 5 years and came to know Christ while at a service at The Well. They have 3 children.


 Jan Johnson is the co-director of both our Sunday morning kids programs and our Wednesday night classes.  She has been attending The Well for over 10 years and worked faithfully in our kids department the whole time. 

Richard & Erin Sparks are serving together as co-directors on our Wednesday night kids program.  They have 4 boys of their own and enjoy working with kids.  Richard coaches baseball on the side just to spending more time with kids in the area.

Our children's ministries are one of the top reasons that families love coming to church at the well. We have an amazing team of people who love kids and who are serious about reaching children for Jesus.   

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Our Deacons:
Kevin & Kelly Wilks
Larry Brooker, Monica Brooker
Doug & Kaitlin Garton
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Troy Capps
Larry Brooker, Monica Brooker