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EST. 2006


from our pastor

Whether you are unsure of your faith and find yourself searching for the truth at this moment in your life, or if you are new to our community and searching for the church home that God would have you to settle into, or maybe just looking to visit while you're in the area, please consider visiting us at one of our weekly worship services.  We would LOVE to have you join us and experience the great things that God is doing at The Well!

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about the well


200 W. Greenway, Derby Kansas 67037 


We are a nondenominational church filled with people of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of faith.  We are a bible believing people who believe God's Word to be the absolute and unchanging truth.  We have witnessed hundreds of salvations that have been marked by visible life change.  We gather to worship several times a week with an actual expectancy that God is going to show up in a way that is so real, that His presence is felt; and consequently, people will encounter God and be changed as a result of that encounter.   We believe in salvation.  We believe in healing.  We believe in deliverance.  We believe God still works miracles today.  Truthfully, we do more than believe it.  We know these things to be true because we have repeatedly witnessed these things happen at The Well for nearly two decades.  

THE preaching

You will hear the bible read, taught, preached from, and discussed.   We are a bible heavy church meaning that our messages are not built around reality shows, cultural fads, or anything else of the sort.   The Word of God is opened, read, and expounded upon.   


The bible is the solid unchanging rock that we must rely on in an ever changing and unsteady world.  We believe in, and stand on, the absolute authority of The Scriptures as the "final say" on all matters.  

THE music

Our music is a good mix of worship songs you will recognize from current Christian radio, some hymns of the faith that have encouraged the church for hundreds of years, and some great original songs written by  The Well Worship.

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Check out our different Ministries and programs. There's something for everyone here at The Well


View the Sermon Series that is happening NOW! Watch what you've missed, and join us each Sunday to hear more.


Get a closer view into our members' lives and see how they have changed since coming to The Well.

a generous act of worship, not under compulsion of any kind but out of a joyful heart.

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