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The Well Worship Center is committed to supporting two native churches in Honduras.  There are many things we do to help these churches, but the primary way we accomplish our mission is through child sponsorship.    TWWC takes on the responsibility of providing supplies for school, weekly nutrition, and general medical & dental care for approximately 175 children.  We take mission teams over several times a year to check up on these programs and for sponsors to meet the children they sponsor.  


We take one mission team each year into the Philippines for what is mainly a week of preaching and evangelistic services.  This team is usually a smaller group of people (6-10).



Our ministry in Mexico happens in Juarez.  We take a team in the summer to host events for kids and youth students.  We also bring back-packs for kids filled with school supplies they will need to enroll in school at the start of August. 

In December, we usually take a team the week before Christmas to deliver Christmas gifts and clothing to children and families in need. 

Want to know more?

TWWC is a mission-minded church.   Whether it be to the homeless on the streets of Wichita, caring for the needy in our local community through our Heaven's Hands Outreach, or through our international mission works, we are committed to "going into all the world".   

In 2021, our mission work became large enough that Pastor Joplin and his wife Andrea officially launched Extra Mile Missions Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization devoted to the mission field.  EMM handles the logistical operations of our mission trips to ensure our teams are well coordinated, and that each team has the resources and planning needed to successfully complete it's specific mission.   Click the link below to learn more.

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