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"a place where i feel comfortable asking hard questions."

Hi my name is Kela Schnelle, I’m a senior in high school and I’ve been going to The Well for around 5 years.


When I moved to Derby in 2018 the Well was a comforting place for me because I had literally no friends and everyone here is so welcoming and nice. The youth group and the leaders were and are a huge part of that. It is a place where I feel very comfortable asking hard questions when I feel lost, get comfort and prayer in times of hardship, and celebration and fellowship in times of joy. Another thing the Well has provided me is opportunities to go on missions.  At first I didn’t think mission trips were for kids my age and honestly thought they were gonna be boring. I have never been so wrong, having the opportunity to travel and to teach and learn the gospel has changed my life forever and it’s the most fun I’ve ever had and I think every kid my age should go at least once.


Kela Schnelle

"we found the well during the most formative years of our children's lives."

The Wilcox family

After attending church most of our adult lives, we have been at The Well since July of 2020.  Since joining The Well, we have felt the Holy Spirit moving in our lives more profoundly.  The Word is spoken boldly, in love, every week and convicts our hearts, motivating us to action.    

We are so thankful to have found The Well during the most formidable years of our children’s lives.  Our children have gotten involved with the youth and youth bands.  We’re thankful that they are being influenced by other believers who point them to Jesus and speak truth into their lives.  We have met so many spiritually mature and loving people and truly feel like this is home.  We love what God is doing at and through The Well and look forward to what God has in store for us in this story.  The Well is a special place and we’re so thankful that the Lord led us to this church!    

"not only did I hear about Jesus,
  I experienced Jesus.

My husband and I are not the type of people who chase down fads.  We do not go to church for smoke machines and a pastor wearing skinny jeans. We are not the type of church goers who want their ears tickled by preachers who are afraid to preach the truth according to God.  My husband and I are the type of people who go to church to draw closer to God.


When Covid hit, for eighteen months we worshiped God from home.  We tuned in to several TV evangelist each week and continued to worship.  Even though we spent several hours on Sunday mornings listening to evangelists we longed to be in church again.   The Well was having in-person services and our 16-year-old grandson had visited one Sunday morning.  After church he called to tell us about his experience. He was excited about church, and I remembered him saying, “Grandma, this is your kind of church, will you come with me next Sunday?”


The Titus Family

I love my grandchildren, 3 precious granddaughters and one grandson.  I would do almost anything for my grandchildren.  So, going to church with him was a no brainer.  I agreed and the rest is history.  We went to the 9 a.m. service and found that the music was anointed, and Pastor Joplin’s preaching was truly anointed by God.  He knew his Bible and you could tell he dug deep into the Word of God to bring you the truth. He had studied history, Greek and Hebrew and the customs of the day to preach so you felt that you were there with Jesus. That day not only did I hear about Jesus, I experienced Jesus in a new way. 


We have been attending the Well Worship Center ever since.  Psalm 100:3 “Know that the Lord is God.  It is he who made us, and we are His!”  You belong to God so why fight it! Come and know God!  My husband and I invite you to join us at the Well Worship Center this Sunday. I’ll be looking for you!

"Leadership that sticks to the truth"
Cox Family Pic.JPG

The cox family

My wife, Bryanna, and I were drawn to TWWC at the beginning of 2022 along with our two beautiful children we have been blessed with. Our eldest, Lucas, we just adopted in November of 2022 and can now officially call him our son. Our little girl is still in the foster care system as of the end of 2022. 

In the short time that we have been at TWWC we have made many connections with other members that truly live their lives to serve Christ, that know and implement the entire Word of God and stay true to it, as well as keep us and our fellow brothers and sisters accountable. In this current climate of our culture that says do whatever makes you happy, it is ever more important that we surround ourselves with brothers/sisters and leadership that stick to the truth, that is the Word of God, and to never lead us astray. We are so grateful to have found this at TWWC, as well as the genuine friendships we have made.


The first time I came to the Well Worship Center I did not intend to stay.  I was not a Christian at the time, and I was only there to drop of my son after he had been invited by a friend.  As I was trying to sneak away, I was asked to stay.  I had been invited to many churches over the years, but the first time I came to the Well it felt different.  The preaching seemed very personal, as if pastor Joplin was speaking directly to me. I had never experienced that before.  I believe this is because Joplin is led by the Holy Spirit.  He studies the Word of God diligently and encourages the church to do the same.  He is not afraid to speak the truth in love and say things that will make you uncomfortable at times.  But I thank God for that.  It is because I was uncomfortable that I was finally willing to take a look at my life and see my need for Jesus.  I got saved at the Well 11 years ago, and it was the best decision of my life.  Before I got saved, I remember feeling as though life had no meaning.  I felt hopeless.  My life now has purpose.  I am so thankful for how God has used the Well to bless my life.  I have learned so much through Bible study and sound preaching.  The people at the Well are not just friends, they are family.  I have also been given so many opportunities to serve God and use the gifts He has given me.  I especially love serving the kids in our youth group and going on missions trips to Honduras.  I have seen God do so many amazing things!  I would have never imagined it, but 11 years later, and I’m still here.  I am so thankful that God led me to the Well.  My life has been changed forever! 




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