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joplin emberson

 lead pastor 

When it comes to preaching Pastor Joplin is "all business".   He isn't an entertainer or a comedian.   He preaches with a degree of seriousness, passion, authenticity, and an urgency that is lacking in many pulpits today.    If you never knew the man outside of his preaching you might think he was rigid and serious all the time.  Nothing could be further from the truth.   Joplin has a great sense of humor.  He loves to laugh and enjoys finding ways to keep the grind of ministry as light-hearted and fun as possible.  

During the COVID pandemic, Joplin and his wife Andrea started the Joplin and Andrea Podcast with the sole purpose of trying to bring joy and positivity each week into a world that was panicking and gripped with fear.  The podcast was a hit and Joplin and Andrea decided to keep it up even after the pandemic came to an end.  The focus of the Joplin and Andrea Podcast is "all things faith, family, and fun."

Joplin and his wife Andrea are the founders of Extra Mile Missions Inc., which is a 501c3 non-profit mission organization.  They lead several mission teams on international mission trips to Honduras and Mexico every year. 

emberson family

Andrea | Malachi | Joplin

Makayla | Tyren | Halli 

Joplin and Andrea were married on July 4th of 2000.  They have four children.  


Makayla is studying to get her esthetician's license at Eric Fisher Academy in Wichita Ks.  


Halli graduates high school this year and is planning to pursue a degree to become a labor and deliver nurse.  


Tyren is a sophomore and is passionate about wrestling.   He's won a state title in Freestyle and one in Greco, and has placed in the top 8 in the country twice in Greco and once in Freestyle.  


Malachi is in 5th grade.  Like most kids, he loves playing video games. He is also a good little basketball player.   

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