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        The Well Worship is lead by Chris and Brittany Hernandez. Chris has been the worship leader at The Well since 2010 and has been full time with The Well as the Lead Worship Pastor since 2018. The ministry consists of 4 different bands that provide worship for our weekly meetings. Our main objective each week is to glorify God, and lead others in glorifying God, through song and prayer. We believe that worship is a crucial aspect of any believers life as we are in fact created to worship.

      "I grew up in New York and moved out to Kansas to go to collage on a soccer and music scholarship. There I met Brittany and within 2 years we were married. We now have four beautiful children between the ages of 4 and 10. There is no where that my wife and I would rather be then in the center of Gods will for us. It has been an incredible journey being a part of The Well Worship Center and we look forward to all the plans God has for this ministry."

                                                                                                - Chris Hernandez

      "Even though this is not how I pictured my life turning out, I wouldn't change anything about it. I love being a mom and a wife and helping my husband serve our church and community.  My desire is that through our stories we could show the love of Jesus to people in all walks of life.                                                                                                              - Brittany Hernandez

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Does The Well Worship play traditional or contemporary music?

        The short answer is yes. While our style of music leans more toward "contemporary" worship music, we do not stick to "only traditional Hymns" or "only modern contemporary" songs. We believe that there are powerful, anointed hymns as well as powerful, anointed  contemporary music. So instead of getting wrapped up in a certain style of music, we look for the impact that each song could have on our people. As long as the song is theologically sound, is timely for our people and the season we are in, and is "singable", we are open to pretty much any style of worship song.

How do you choose the music
used in service?

         Each week the worship Pastor selects the music for each service based on a couple of different thing. The first consideration is time spent in prayer seeking God on direction for the upcoming service. We believe that the most important aspect of any service is the leading of the Holy Spirit, so our first priority is seeking the face of God. The next consideration is the season of life that our church body is in. Obviously the seasons of the year such as Christmas time, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc. have a part in decisions but also the spiritual seasons. There are times when we as a congregation are going through more of a spiritual battle and during those times, songs of victory and triumph tend to help guide our people to look to Jesus. Other times we are going though evangelistic seasons where we are seeing multitudes saved. In those times songs that declare who we are in Christ, and the power of His blood over us, help to keep our focus where it needs to be.